It’s been a little while since we visited with Zosia Mamet.

Here she is in a recent ensemble:



Look, I’ve been known to wear ill-fitting shorts. I have an old pair of an ex-boyfriend’s surf shorts that droop and make me look very frumpy, indeed. I try to pair them with fitted t-shirts so I don’t look completely terrible, but who knows if I succeed?

But Zosia is tv star. Zosia is famous. Zosia can afford to pay someone to pick out great clothes that suit her perfectly. That she still walks around in an outfit like this is just willfully poor judgement. Not to mention that sour puss of hers.

I know, I know: it could be worse. She could wear horrible revealing crap like Kim K. Her breasts and crotch could be on display. So don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful we don’t have to look at yet another Hollywood woman relying on sex to garner attention and advance her career (playing the game on men’s terms, I believe it’s called).

But still. This is a young woman who could do oh, so much better. Yet she doesn’t. She doesn’t.


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