1. I don’t care about the World Cup, but still think that holding it in Brazil is a terrible idea. It’s a crazy, gorgeous, unbalanced country with serious economic and safety issues. Not good.

2.While  I thought her stories from her days in the theater were funny, I didn’t like Dr. Maya Angelou. However, I did like the impression the comedian Aries Spear did of her.

3. The NRA has far, far too much power and influence in the U.S. Why, why, why don’t we have stricter gun laws? Kids are not safe in school. And yet, that’s not enough to rethink our current gun laws? What the hell is wrong with us?

4. I was unsympathetic about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s overdose. Then something similar happened to someone I really cared for. Now I feel bad.

5. One of my friends is really good at life. The advice she offers (when I ask) is sound, yet it’s almost too balanced; she never considers the crazy part of emotion. Sometimes I think I should just let her make decisions for me, and other times I think she’s missing the point entirely.

6. I need to move to advance my career, but I don’t want to. I think about how dead I felt inside when I lived in an arty slum in Chicago where there was literally nothing green. How could I have known that I’d find it so hard to live without grass and plants and wildflowers and groundhogs and deer and squirrels and chipmunks and pheasant and woodpeckers and blue heron and swans? This is a life conundrum.

7. I didn’t win the family lottery in this lifetime.

8. Prince George is only the second baby I’ve ever found adorable.

9. I’m getting older and going nowhere.

10. I don’t know what I’ll do when my male dog passes away. I’m not sure I can live without him. I feel guilty because I love the girls just as much, but the bond is strongest with him.


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