All right! I admit it!


I am now, and have always been, a fan of Benny Hill.

I’m not ashamed.

Naturally I preferred his ditties, allegedly by such illustrious personages as Samuel Pepys (Savior of the British Navy) to his girly show stunts, but on the whole, I like him more than I dislike him. His perversion seemed good-natured to me; non-violent, more laughable than belittling to women. With his clown-like red wig, he seemed more than willing to belittle himself at the expense of admiring women. In fact, I have positively delightful memories of watching the show late on summer evenings with a friend while my father snoozed quietly on the couch, occasionally smiling at our laughter. This was back in the days of three channels, plus whatever we called the horror movie extra that required fiddling with the dial. The other channels showed Nightline or Maude re-runs; Benny Hill naturally belonged on the “extra” channel.

Anyway, here’s a treat for those of you who share my fondness for the old show. I’m sure we’re few and far between these days, but what the hell? You have to take your fun where you find it.



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