let’s say you’re busy being a Superhero when you get a call on your She-Ra phone. You make certain the boulder you’ve just prevented from landing on a litter of kittens is back in place (Stone Mountain? The Woods? The centerpiece of a local park? Don’t bother me with details), and then you take the call.

“Le Tigress here.”

“Ti, it’s Commissioner Blutz. The mayor of Squaresville has just made a surprise appearance in my office. It’s the perfect time to trap him into agreeing to our plan to save all the animals ever. How soon can you get here?”

You wipe the sweat from your brow, thinking, “It’s a good thing I brought a wrap along today, instead of that boring old sweater,” and then you say, “I’ll be there in a tic, Commish. You know this project is vital to our survival.”

You fly across the city, arriving just outside Main Hall. Then you arrange your wrap, pull up your heroine boots, and stride inside, all while thinking, “Voila! Regardez moi!”




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