Jezebel, we are parting ways.

First there was the photospread in which Jessica Chastain appeared in a lovely pink dress that displayed her ample bosom. In the comments section, there ensued a lengthy commentary about: what colors redheads can and cannot wear, and further, how the male comment writer would himself love to motorboard her pale breasts. This was not discouraged or cut by the staff.

Then, today, there’s a lengthy discussion about how Santeria isn’t really that bad, once you get past the animal sacrifice and all.

To this I say a resounding WHAT THE FUCK, Jezebel? Rude, overly opinionated men don’t have enough media outlets already, which means I have to read their shit even on a feminist web site? And “Hey, it’s all okay” when it comes to killing animals for religion, because who are we to judge? I’ll tell you who “we” are: readers for whom this kind of copy is offensive and disgusting. Readers who care about animals (yes, I’m a godamned vegetarian), and who feel that allowing men to vent their sexual fantasies on a site mostly read by women only encourages offensive behavior, which we all get quite enough of, thank you.

Or rather, no thank you. Good bye, Jez.



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