This is one

of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen:


I wish people wouldn’t make blanket judgements about tattoos, as in “I’ll never have one,” or “I want five.” The best are individual, unique, and expressive. Can you imagine meeting the person with this tattoo, liking him, and then discovering he bears this work of art?

What annoys me most are people who say “I’ll never have sex with someone with a tattoo.” Why the hell not? Is this supposed to be some indication of “high standards”? I mean, if it’s a really stupid, poorly done tattoo that the wearer takes too seriously, I can understand that being a deal breaker. But wouldn’t there have been some other personality clue observed before the big reveal of “Love Guns” on his man-boobs or “Sexy Bitch” on her tailbone?

I rather think so.


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