Do you ever watch something,

realizing while you do so that it’s crappy? And then you feel embarrassed for enjoying it anyway? This is my dilemma with “Penny Dreadful,” which is hopelessly dramatic and ridiculous, yet engrossing all the same. The dialogue is absurd, as is the understandable yet unbelievable imposition of modern morals and social awareness on the characters. They’re all so……progressive, aren’t they? It’s a strange juxtaposition: all the Victorian world’s trappings papered over with a heightened liberality and lack of moral judgement against others at a time when moral judgements and hypocrisy were possibly at their height.

And if Josh Hartnett says one more cornball “Darlin’ ” to any female, I think I will barf. Groan first, and then barf.

I don’t know. I think Eva Green is very beautiful. And it seems natural, unlike some others who are lauded for their beauty (cough, cough, Angelina Jolie cough cough). I’ll probably finish the season, but I sure feel dumb about it.



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