This really squares with my experience. For a while I thought it was perhaps a product of the environment in which we (my classmates and I) lived: a high-achieving, competitive, financially successful neighborhood, the kind of place people moved to after making enough money to move on up, as they say. And while I was initially delighted to be there after the chaos and occasional fear I’d felt in my previous school district, ultimately it proved to be a nightmare. Wait, did I say nightmare? Let me amend that — it was a fucking nightmare, and if I had to provide examples of behavior that help define the word “bitch,” there would be far, far more boys than girls on my list.

And you know what? I tried dipping my toes back in that old world a few years ago, only to find that they had not changed. Marriage, divorce, bankruptcy……none of it seemed to deflate that sense of entitled judgements of others. Were these women, you ask? They were not. Nope. They weren’t. Every last shitty remark I overheard or absorbed was made by men. Bitchy boys had grown into asshole men.

God, I’m glad to be out of that environment. Not only is it more peaceful without all that social pressure, but I can let my lawn grow wilder here in the sticks, too. You know what that makes me? A happy camper.



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