“Reading Aloud” podcast by Nate Corddry

This podcast is part of the new Wolf Pop subscription package, a billable branch of Earwolf. But guess what? Like many shows that exist under the Earwolf banner, the show is sponsored, which means, in this case, that listeners get to pay a monthly subsciption fee, PLUS listen to hosts shilling for the usual suspects: Square Space, that mattress delivery place, Warby Parker, Bonobos, and all the many, many additions brought to us by Paul F. Tompkins on Spontaneanation.

This seems excessive to me. Generally, it’s either/or: either subscribe and skip the ads (and shilling) or don’t and sit through the time spent praising the sponsor(s). This seems fair, right? However, on “Reading Aloud” (and possibly other shows; I don’t know, since the only other Wolf Pop show I was interested in was blissfully free of everything but itself), you get both, plus long minutes spent urging listeners to attend a live show in L.A., then talk about the current book club, then talk about the future book club, and just blah, blah, blah, on and on.

Now, I have beef with this system. If I subscribe, leave all that crap either at the door or at the end and READ. That’s all I want to hear. I don’t care about your live show because hey, guess what? Listeners don’t only live in that haven of microcosmic ego-stroking called L.A.! And I don’t care about your book club because I was just trying out one episode to decide whether or not to subscribe to your show. And now I won’t, because you wasted precious time alienating a new listener.

So, way to go, “Reading Aloud.” Here’s a suggestion about a more accurate title for your show: “Eventually Reading Aloud, if you can wait it out.”

This initially game listener couldn’t do it. And here’s a word of advice to other potential listeners: don’t waste your time. You could be reading yourself instead of enduring all this squandered air time.

You’re welcome.


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