From BuzzFeed: a discussion between writer Daniel Dalton and philosopher Mark Rowands.


“But we’re supposed to eat meat.” “We’re top of the food chain.” “I can’t live without bacon.” There are lots of arguments for eating meat, but what if they miss the point? Perhaps the greatest argument against meat isn’t ethical: It’s environmental.

Indeed, your personal meat consumption may be relatively low. But when our collective demand for meat is environmentally unsustainable, is it time for a rethink? Rowlands thinks so:

“The animal industry produces more climate change emissions than the entire transport sector combined – that’s planes, trains, automobiles, and ships.

“And that’s before we get into the subject of water, forecast to be one of the biggest sources of geopolitical conflict in the 21st century. It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef.

“It also takes 16 pounds of vegetable protein to produce a pound of beef protein – which is why over 70% of cultivated land is used for growing plants for animals, rather than humans, to eat.

“And that doesn’t even address the issue of the horrible things that happen to the poor animals we eat.”

You might not want to live without bacon, that’s your choice. But can you live without meat one day each week? Food for thought, certainly.


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