Talk about the bottom of the barrel.

I just hate this guy. I saw him once at a fancy mall in downtown Chicago; he looks like a little blonde rooster in person. And I hate his music. I might even hate his raspy, “I smoke too much” voice. It’s okay that he was in The Faces, and The Small Faces, but his solo shit is exactly that — pure shit. “Maggie May” is one of those songs that I honestly believe might kill me from exasperation and boredom some day.

And in case you have any doubts about what an unmitigated ass he is, here’s some photographic evidence to prove it:

images-2    images-5  images-3

images-6   images-7  imgres-1


(Yes, I know it was the late 60s/70s, and yes, I know all about Glam Rock, but Rod has a special gift for real stupidity. Leg warmers? Fur? Man nipples? Gawd. If David Bowie was androgyny at its best, Stewart is androgyny at its worst. (Although, in fairness,  the young David Johansen gave him a run for his money in the ugly/androgynous department.)

We are very disappointed in your decision, Dear Queen.



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