Bragging (sorry).


Warning: I’m going to do something kind of tacky…..

Today is exactly three days shy of the three month anniversary of my heel break. Many doctors predict a highly negative prognosis for healing from this kind of injury, and do not allow FWB for a full three months. Some even say those who suffer a heel break may never walk unassisted again. Or will have pain FOREVER. This is despite surgery and physical therapy.

Well, I’ve beaten that. Today I mowed the lawn, did some yard work (granted it was in my usual half-assed way, due to mosquitoes and poison ivy), and ran the leaf blower (when I could get it started, which is not always POULAN COMPANY I’m talking to YOU). I may teeter when I walk, and I suspect I have a gait a lot like Frankenstein, but I am upright. I am out of bed. Most importantly, I can get.things.done., my raison d’etre in this life.

I have a long way to go, and I expect the next nine months to be a challenge, but I CAN WALK. I cannot adequately express how much joy this brings me, and how proud I am of myself for beating the odds.

Thank you for your indulgence in reading this (if you have).


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