Girl Crush, Part II


So I finally got to see Ruby Rose on OITNB. She was great — as cool and as sexy and as interesting and funny as I hoped.

But here’s the problem. Along with Ruby Rose came the unrelated story arc of Pennsatucky, or the character Tiffany Doggett. And it featured…..rape. More than once. It was violent, it was sad, it was sickening.

This left me on the horns of a dilemma. Do I stick it out for Ruby Rose (though she’s wasting her time with Piper), despite my intense dismay and sadness for Tiffany? Do I watch Tiffany go on with her heartbreaking life for the pleasure of puzzling out Ruby Rose’s hair part, with its complex and zigzagging shaved sections? To put it another way (let us say, baldly), what drives me more: lust or sorrow? Desire or desolation?

Well, I can’t. I can’t put aside the misery of one imaginary character, who leads a life I suspect is not unfamiliar to many, many women, for the fun of admiring the neck tattoo and Aussie accent of another imaginary character. This is because Tiffany’s life is more real than Stella’s, somehow. I don’t know why it seems this way, since from what I hear, being a lesbian can be a hard row to hoe, but it does. And so it feels disloyal to the experience and history of women  everywhere — from long-ago royal brides married at 12 to palsied lunatics, to modern urban women unable to walk alone without fear (a cohort to which I belong) —to endure Tiffany for the sake of Stella. To merely tolerate the real for the fun of the fantasy.

So I’m quitting now, before it gets worse. Before Caputo gets another blowjob. Before Daya has the disappearing Bennett’s baby. Before Luschek betrays Nicky again. Before I have to ache for yet another injury done to a woman.

Sorry, Stella. I sure will miss you.



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